World Trade Center Frankfurt (Oder)-Slubice

Welcome to the German Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

World Trade Center Frankfurt (Oder)-Slubice was founded in 1992 as a German-Polish non-profit organization based in Frankfurt (Oder). As a licensee of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) based in New York, we are representing the German capital region Berlin-Brandenburg within the worldwide network of currently 319 WTCs based in 91 countries. Since 2005, the World Trade Center Frankfurt (Oder)-Slubice has been operated by the Investor Center Ostbrandenburg GmbH.

We offer international companies our expertise, comprehensive information and give words of advice in all matters of trade and investment in the region. We act as a door opener for national and international companies to ensure a smooth start of your business in the German capital region Berlin-Brandenburg with a view to the growing markets in Poland an Eastern Europe. We make our offer flexible to your individual needs!

Make use of our various contacts and catch up on our offer to see it for yourself!